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Chapter 2


Interconnection means a mutual connection between two or more subjects, a relationship which implies interaction, transmissions and codes.

In order to be able to better understand the complexity of  this term, we decided to dedicate six chapters to analyze “Interconnection” under different  aspects: Compromise, Digression, Interlude, Signal, Holy, Memory.

“Interconnection” is at the same time general theme of this year exhibition program, and our curatorial approach to them: indeed all the chapters are strictly connected.

Digression is a temporary detour from the main subject of a speech: it brings additional fragments to the main theme, and it is both a transgression and an enrichment. It is a deviation which implies elements from different scenarios. It is a post-productive way of assembling elements similar to the Baroque’s aesthetics.

This digression creates a combination of different scenarios united by an immediate visual coherence composed by autonomous elements.

This combination leaves to the spectator the possibility to sense different visual and conceptual associations. As a leitmotiv of this exhibition, there is the absence of an univocal visual focus, such as in Matteo Tonelli’s works in which the dynamism forced into a precise geometric shape evolves in its organic form. In Pietro Catarinella’s installation the elements chosen and associated through a complex overlap of layers lead to a visual paroxysm and imply an active attitude of the observer, forced to move to discover the details, expressing the experiential character of the work. The installation dialogues with the space, exploiting its verticality and volumes. Tommaso Gatti  works through assemblages, sculptural compositions in which Liberty style wrought iron stylistic elements, aesthetically refined, are hybridized with elements of waste, belonging to a contemporary decadent imaginary.

Founded by Giulia Wetter and Elisa Diaferia, O’Dirk is an artistic and curatorial collective born in 2017 in Milan. Its  mission is to experiment  new forms and codes of contemporary art and the promotion of young international artists. In October 2018 O’Dirk starts running the new Project Space SpazioFico.

Pietro Catarinella (Rome, 1983) studied architecture and photography between Rome and London, he lives and works in Milan. 2014 – ‘Screens’ group exhibition within ‘Pingyao International Photography Festival (PIP)’, Pingyao (Shanxi Province), People’s Republic of China – ‘Layers’ group exhibition within ‘PRINT/3’, Arcane Gallery, London, UK – ‘Data Traffic 01’ and ‘Data Traffic 02’ within CSM Postgraduate Art Degree Show 2014, K Space, London, UK – ‘Out of Rome’ personal exhibition curated by Stéphane Verlet-Bottéro, Green Arcola Gallery, London, UK. Publications and catalogs: ‘STOP IT’, MA Fine Art and Science, MA Fine Art and MA Photography, Central Saint Martins, catalog, Concept and project supervision: Anna Kolosova, William Carter, Thomas W. Kuppler, Charlotte Wendy Law, Sinaida  Michalskaja, Designed and printed by Ditto Press, London, UK. 2015 ‘Data Traffic Project’ group exhibition within ‘PHOTOMASTERS – PHOTOMONTH – East London Photography Festival, Old Truman Brewery, London, UK – ‘Data Traffic’, group exhibition within ‘(De)Construct – New Positions on Contemporary Photography from the UK’, supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture, organized and curated by Vanja Contemporary, AV17 Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania. Publications and catalogs: ‘Self – as – Subject: the multiple eXposure project zine 1.0’, Editing by Sherwin Altarez Mapanoo. 2017  Intercambiador ACART, Madrid, Spain . ‘Black Light Networks’, group exhibition Nadie, Nunca, Nada, No, Madrid, Spain – ‘Layers’ group exhibition within ‘Galla Placidia 194’ curated by Shara Wasserman, Temple Gallery – Temple University Rome, Rome, Italy – ‘Superimpositions’ group exhibition within ‘Present & Future, just across the streets’ curated by Marta Michelacci, Factory – Macro Future – Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, Rome, Italy – ‘Data Traffic’ group exhibition within ‘RAW – Rome Art Week’, Studio Placidia, Rome, Italy – ‘#Selecting’ group exhibition within ‘Tiny Biennale’ curated by Shara Wasserman, Temple Gallery – Temple University Rome, Rome, Italy. Artist Talk 2017, ‘Silent Artist Talk’, Faculty of Fine Arts, University URJC in Aranjuez, Madrid, Spain. 2018 VIR Viafarini-in-residence, Milan, Italy. ‘Internet Painting’, bipersonal exhibition at VIR – Viafarini-in-residence, via Farini 35, Milan, Italy – ‘Liminar Archive’ group exhibition within VIR Open Studio + Camouflage, VIR – Viafarini-in-residence, via Farini 35, Milan, Italy – ‘Anatomies’ bipersonal exhibition within The Others Art Fair – Specific, Turin, Italy  – ‘Fractal’ group exhibition within ‘Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2018’ curated by Conrad Carvalho, Ashurst Emerging Artist Gallery, London, UK – ‘Self Shot’ group exhibition within ‘Ramificazioni Festival’, curated by Simona Caramia, Castello di Squillace (Cz), Italy. Publications and catalogs: ‘’, curated by Butik Collective, limited edition of 100 copies. 2019 DOCVA, Fabbrica del vapore, Milan, Italy

Tommaso Gatti (Milan 1992) lives and works in Milan, currently studying Visual Culture and Curatorial Practices at Brera Academy of Fine Arts. Dic -2014, Ricoh Prize Spazio Oberdan, Milano, Sculpture Prize Winner; June – July 2014, Combat Prize Museo G. Fattori, Livorno, Sculpture Prize Winner; Aug- Sept 2015, Sfase residency curated by E. D’angelo, E. Lemmo, G.Paolini, G. Quadri, Fabbrica Seriana dell’energia, Alzano Lombardo; Nov – Dic 2015, F. Fabbri Prize curated by C.Sala, , Villa Brandolini, Treviso; Mar 2016 Untitled Manifesto curated by T. Gatti, Dust Space, Milano; Apr 2016 Incontro n.1, Project curated by di G. Caravaggio e A. Paci, Fondazione Pini, Milano; Aug – Sep 2016,Tones of the stones Residency curated by L. Giuranna & C. Foletto, Cava Storica di Trontano; Dec 2017 – Jan 2018, Passaggi curated by Out44, Museo della Permanente, Milano; Aug 2017, Almanacco Migratorio Residency curated by N. Terun & M. Zamburru, Pozzo Podestà, Argentiera; Nov 2017, n. 0 curated by Fuzao Studio, Fuzao Studio, Milano; Daze and Ornament curated by A. Lacarpia, Mag 2018 LocaleDue, Bologna; Set 2018, Ah sì tu io noi curated by B. Schroeder & P. Consolandi for Traffic Festival, Chiesa di San Vito sul Cesano.

Matteo Tonelli (Borgo val di Taro, Parma 1992) lives and works in Milan, currently studying Visual Arts at Brera Academy of Fine Arts. Apr 2015 curatorial project with Cristina Piccoli for “I’ll Be There Forever”. Feb 2016 Darwin Day curated by Cristina Muccioli at Brera Academy of Fine Arts. Mar 2016, NoPlace2, Castello di Fombio. 2016 Accademia Aperta at Brera Academy of Fine Arts. Nov – Dic 2016 personal exhibition at MiMuMo, Monza, curated by Felice Terrabuio. Dic 2016 – Jan 2017 EPI-EMERA bipersonal exhibition with Emanuele Caprioli at Casa Novecento, Monza, curated by Felice Terrabuio with texts written by Cristina Muccioli. Mar 2017 group exhibition “…Speriamo non piova” for Studi Festival at Arcangeli-Bonfiglio Studio. Ott 2017 group exhibition COSA NON FARE NEGLI SPAZI VERDI* at botanical museum Aurelia Josz, Milano, curated by Maurizio Arcangeli and Clara Bonfiglio. Apr 2018 Noplace4 at l’Ex Ceramica Vaccari, Santo Stefano Di Magra.

Via E. Tellini, 17 Milano