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Chapter 1



Interconnection means a mutual connection between two or more subjects, a relationship which implies interaction, transmissions and codes.
In order to be able to better understand the complexity of this term , we decided to dedicate six chapters to analyze “Interconnection” under different aspects: Compromise, Digression, Interlude, Signal, Holy, Memory.

“Interconnection” is at the same time general theme of this year exhibition program, and our curatorial approach to them: indeed all the chapters are strictly connected.

Chapter I


Every interconnection between two or more parts implies a compromise, for every interconnection a compromise is necessary, but every compromise isn’t necessarily a successful connection. Compromise is a mutual agreement in which both sides give up part of what they originally wanted, in which they accept less than they were aiming at. To compromise your vision, your belief brings you on another and different level of understanding.

The artist through his works compromises himself and his vision, the spectator needs to compromise himself in order to be able to understand. It is an exchange of information and statements through different codes.

In this first chapter every work has a common connotation: bipolarity. In Peng Shuai’s works art and truth, to be or not to be, are described in a visual compromise though a tautological statement. His engravings are almost invisible. Through two installations, Gregorio Vignola research presence and absence, material and sedimentation and the negation of the object itself. A track, a sign, a shadow which stands for an hindering absence , that fills the entire space. The site specific installation by Elisa Diaferia swings from reason to instinct, duality’s compromise, two faces of the same coin, antipodes and complementary at the same time.

Founded by Giulia Wetter and Elisa Diaferia, O’Dirk is an artistic and curatorial collective born in 2017 in Milan. Its mission is to experiment new forms and codes of contemporary art and the promotion of young international artists. In October 2018 O’Dirk starts running the new Project Space SpazioFico.

Elisa Diaferia (Milan 1998) lives and works in Milan, currently studying Communications and Didactics at Brera Academy of Fine Arts. In 2016 her first collective exhibition “io, Spazio Tempo” at Casa Dugnani Bossi in Robecco sul Naviglio (MI). In 2017 with Giulia Wetter she founds O’Dirk, an artistic and curatorial collective. In 2018 O’Dirk presents different exhibitions in different locations: In February 2018 it presents “PROCESSO”, a performance at Chiostrino Artificio, Como. In April 2018 “Unlimitless” at Gloria Molino’s gallery in Milan and in May 2018 with O’Dirk she presents a project with FIKAFUTURA collective at SpazioFico, Milan. Since September 2018 she starts running The Project Space SpazioFico with a new curatorial project.

Gregorio Vignola (Como 1995) lives and works between Como and Milan, currently studying Visual Arts at Brera Academy of Fine Arts. 2015/16- Participation in the competition with the selection and award “Young Artists 2016”, promoted by Gino and Gianna Macconi Foundation of Mendrisio, and in “Spazio Officina” of Chiasso where the exhibition took place. 2016- Second edition of the collective exhibition “Artinzone”; 2016- Third edition of collective exhibition “Artinzone”; 2016- Participation to the 49th “Premio Suzzara”; 2017- Participation at the event “Studi Festival”, Milano; 2018- “FAI/TH/L/ESS”, solo exhibition, project space “Q” (Copenhagen, Denmark).

Peng Shuai Paolo (Xiangtan, China 1995) lives and works in Milan, currently studying Visual Arts at Brera Academy of Fine Arts. Collectives: 2016 Chinese Poets, Painters and Calligraphers, Cenacolo di Fuligno, Florence; 2017 Accademia Aperta, Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan; 2017 La Porta dell’incontro, SMS- exhibition center, Pisa; 2018 Bordo visibile, Avantlab, Villa Fiorita, Milan; 2018 Accademia Aperta, Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan. Solo exhibitions: 2018 La realtà superficiale, Fondazione Paolina Brugnatelli, Milan, 2018 Le Arti della cina (l’inedito mondo artistico cinese in Italia), Fondazione Italia Cina, Palazzo Clerici, Milan; 2017 Paolina Brugnatelli Painting Award, first classified.

Via E. Tellini, 17 Milano